What is an ESID?

esid meter scaled

The name may sound strange to some, but an ESID (pronounced Easy ID) number is your Electronic Service Identifier. This number is given by your electric utility company to uniquely identify your property address. While the numbering system may differ between electric transmission and delivery utility companies, each ESID is unique to a meter.

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What is the ESID used for?

If you are shopping for a new electric plan in Texas, you will need to know what your ESID number is.

It essentially is your electric utility service location account number.

Based on this number you can find out which electricity companies serve your area.

After you have chosen a new retail energy provider, this is the identifier that your provider will use to identify you in order to set up a new service.

How to find my ESID?

You can find your ESID number or your Texas electric meter number on the physical meter that sits on your property.

Additionally, another convenient way to find your ESID is by checking your monthly bill from your power provider. It should be listed there as well.

The ERCOT, or Electric Reliability Council of Texas, has a database of all the property addresses in Texas and their corresponding ESID.

In order to save you time, when signing up for our services we conveniently offer an ESID look-up for you, based on your address.

Just put your address in while signing up, and verify that we got the right one, and we will look up and find your ESID number so that you don’t have to.

What if I can’t find my ESID?

If you cannot find a corresponding ESID to your address, make sure you have an active meter.

If you haven’t been receiving an electric bill, then your meter may be inactive and you may not be able to find a corresponding ESID.

In that case, you might have to contact your local electric utility provider in order to get the meter activated again.

Simply contact your local utility company for additional information.

Depending on your address you may be required to perform additional steps, like getting a city inspection before the meter can be turned back on.

If you don’t yet have an address due to the property being newly constructed, you should contact the local electric utility company and request that a meter be installed at the location.

You may get a meter installed temporarily for construction purposes, which you can later change to a permanent meter.

Once a meter is installed you should be able to search the address and find it shortly, usually within a day.

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