How To Find The Cheapest Energy Plan

Are you not sure where to begin?

Let us take the guesswork out

When it comes to shopping for a new energy plan there are many different factors that change the price you actually pay.

Energy companies are required by law to publish a “Price per Kilowatt”, but this is misleading, because 9 times out of 10 this price ONLY applies if your monthly energy usage is above some predefined monthly threshold.

Now ask yourself the following question:

What happens if I use less electricity? I’ll just pay less, right?

WRONG! Although this seems obvious, this is not always the case!

Each energy plan is has it’s own little quirks that are specified in the contract’s small text, even for plans offered by large reputable companies. While some energy plans may appear cheaper, they can have a HUGE price difference when your usage changes.

If you live in Texas, you are likely using 2X electricity in the summer months, but might be paying 3X for that extra usage.

Let’s be honest.

When was the last time you examined your electricity bill?

Are you really paying the “Price per Kilowatt” that was promised to you?

Getting The Cheapest Electric Plan Now Takes Only 5 Minutes!

We work directly with the top energy providers in Texas and provide you with a list of all their plans, one next to each other, in a way that is easy to compare, with the bottom line price next to each plan.

To find the best possible deal we encourage our customers to get a breakdown of their 12-month usage history, because this gives you an idea on how much electricity you are expected to use in the future.

Plug in these numbers into our calculator, and within seconds we will display the cheapest electricity plans, customized based on your actual usage.

Once you find the cheapest energy plan, the enrollment process is a breeze. It normally takes 5 minutes which can save you 100’s of dollars a year.

Forget the Excel spreadsheets and formulas and let us find the cheapest plan for you. Use our comparison page to get started!

After entering your zip code make sure to select “Shop based on monthly usage”. 

The process looks like this:

1. Go to our Compare Electricity Plans page

2. Enter your zip code

3. Select “Shop based on usage history” and fill in your usage history for the past 12 months

4. The cheapest plan will display at the top of the list, click on “Show details” to see exactly how the monthly bill costs break down and how the final price was calculated. You’ll usually want to select one of the top 3 plans to make sure you’re getting the best price.

5. Click on Sign Up and follow the simple enrollment process.

6. Congratulations! You’ve joined thousands of happy SlashPlan customers that are smart shoppers and save $100’s every year on their energy bill.


Enter Your Zip code to save on electricity
Shop for a new cheap energy plan based on your usage history

How to find my monthly usage?

If you’re not sure how to find your previous 12-month usage history, don’t worry!

We actually get this question quite a bit and the process is very easy. There are 3 main ways to get your usage history:

1. Call your current electricity provider and simply ask them, they have this information on hand. If you have an online account with them then you can also see your usage history in their dashboard.

2. Create a free account on SmartMeterTexas.com. This website is jointly operated by all 5 of the major utility companies that serve energy to the entire state of Texas. After you login to your new account select the “Monthly Billing Information” and enter the start and end dates for the last 12 months.

3. Contact SlashPlan and we’ll be happy to pull this information for you.

Still not sure? Let us do the work for you

We are happy to take these extra steps off your plate and find the best plan FOR YOU.

We will pull the 12-month usage history on your behalf and enter it into our system to find the cheapest and best energy plan for your home. In order for us to do that we just need you to enter your information in the form below: