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Solar Energy in Texas: The Future of Energy

Solar energy has been gaining popularity as a renewable source of energy, and Texas is no exception. Texas is among the states with the highest solar energy potential in the country, thanks to its abundant sunshine and vast land area. In this article, we will explore the current state of solar energy in Texas, its


Power to Choose Texas: Your Guide to the Electric Choice Website

Power to Choose helps you navigate the Deregulated Electric Market Power to Choose is the official electric choice website of the Public Utility Commission of Texas. The website was created to empower Texas residents and businesses with the ability to compare and choose electric plans from different retail electric providers (REPs). The website is designed


Utility Bill Assistance in Texas: Get Help Paying Your Energy Bill

High utility bills can be a significant burden for many families in Texas, especially during the hot summer months. The cost of electricity and other utilities is on the rise, making it difficult for some households to afford the bills that they receive each month. Thankfully, there are assistance programs available to help those in


Energy Regulated Cities in Texas

Regulated vs. De-Regulated Energy Texas deregulated its electricity sales market in 2002, opening the market to competition among Retail Electric Providers. It ended the monopoly of the electric utility companies over energy supply in the state of Texas. There are now over 120 competing power companies in Texas.  Currently, approximately 85% of Texas homeowners live


Green power plans & renewable energy

Many power providers are now offering green plans, which are plans that offer energy produced from renewable, non-polluting sources. These green plans may usually cost a little more than traditional energy plans that derive their energy from traditional fossil-fuel sources, however many energy-plan shoppers are choosing to pay a little more in order to contribute to a cleaner environment in a more sustainable world.

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