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We share tips and tricks on how to save energy, cut your electricity bill, and find the cheapest energy rates.


When is the best time to shop for a new plan?

Ever wondered when the best time to shop and get cheaper electricity? We’ll break it down to you in simple terms. Whether you’re stuck with high monthly bills or you’re a pro at understanding energy stuff, we’re here to tell you when you can snag the best deals. Lock in a Contract If you’re dealing


Is Your Electricity Contract Expiring?

Thanks to energy deregulation consumers have the freedom to choose their own electricity provider and to purchase electricity plans that fit their usage habits. However, by having this freedom comes a certain amount of responsibility. When your electricity contract expires, the good rate you got initially will come to an end. Make sure you act


Who should I call when there is a Power Outage?

A power outage can be very inconvenient and at times even life-threatening! When an unexpected power outage occurs, it always catches us at the worst possible time, and we want it to get resolved fast. How long will it take before electricity is back up? Who should I contact? Where can I see the status

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