Who should I call when there is a Power Outage?

Electricity Power Outage

A power outage can be very inconvenient and at times even life-threatening!

When an unexpected power outage occurs, it always catches us at the worst possible time, and we want it to get resolved fast.

How long will it take before electricity is back up? Who should I contact? Where can I see the status of the outage?

These are questions we all ask, but at times can be difficult to get a straight answer.

Firstly, you need to remember that in a deregulated energy state like Texas, there is a distinction between the Retail Energy Provider (REP), and the Transmission and Delivery Utility Provider (TDU).

In short:

  • Retail Energy Provider (REP) – is the company you signed up with when you enrolled in your power plan. This is also the company that bills you every month.
  • Transmission and Delivery Utility Provider (TDU) – is the company who is in charge of delivering the electricity from the main electric grid to your house. In addition, they are also in charge of maintaining the actual energy infrastructure, like power wires and poles. Read more about how they charge for their service here.

When you have a power outage, it is the Transmission and Delivery Utility Provider (TDU) who is in charge of fixing the outage and not the Retail Provider that bills you every month.

Sounds confusing, right? Don’t worry!

If you are stuck in a situation where power is down and you call your Retail Provider, they will gladly assist you and refer you to your TDU.

TIP: Before calling your TDU or Retail Electric Provider check first if an outage has been reported. If you don’t have power because of an issue with your home’s electrical box or a circuit breaker, you might need to call an electrician instead.

TDU Live Outage Maps

How to find my TDU?

There are several ways for you to find the TDU that is in charge of your electricity:

  • Look at the Electric Facts Label (EFL) that you received from your Electric Provider after signing up
  • If you signed up for your energy plan with SlashPlan then you can refer to the email you received after enrollment. Your TDU company will be listed there.
  • Also, you can find your TDU based on your geographic location, as follows:
Houston AreaCenterpoint(713) 207-2222
(800) 332-7143
Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP)(888) 886-7456
Dallas / Fort WorthOncor(888) 313-4747
Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP)(888) 886-7456
South Texas
AEP(866) 223-8508
West TexasAEP(866) 223-8508
Oncor(888) 313-4747
Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP)(888) 886-7456

Alternatively, you can refer to the latest map on the Public Utility Commission of Texas’s website or the image below:

What to do during Power Outage - Map of all TDUs in Texas with legend

In conclusion, If you are still not sure who to contact, please call your Electric Provider that bills you every month. They will be able to tell you exactly who your TDU company is and provide further assistance.

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