Table Fan Energy Calculator (Cost and kWh Usage)


When the weather gets hot, everyone needs a way to stay cool. One of the most popular ways to beat the heat is by using a Table Fan. These appliances are not only affordable but also energy-efficient, making them an excellent option for anyone who wants to reduce their energy bills while staying cool. In this article, we’ll discuss the energy consumption, costs, and money-saving tips for using a Table Fan.


How To Use This Calculator

Using this energy calculator is a simple and will help you determine the costs of running your appliance. Click on ‘Calculate’ to use the predefined values, or enter your daily usage in hours, appliance watts, and your current energy costs in dollars. The calculator will provide you with the daily, monthly, and yearly results. It’s important to ensure the accuracy of the information entered to get the most accurate results.

Hours Used Per Day

Enter the number of hours you estimate the appliance will be on throughout the day. To use fractions of an hour please use a decimal point in the form.

For example: 1 hour and 30 mintes would be 1.5, and 3 hours and 15 minutes would be 3.25

Power Used in Watts

The calculator already includes a default average wattage. If your appliance uses a different wattage then enter it in the calculator.

Your Energy Rate in kWh

The calculator includes an average energy rate (price in $/kWh) to use for the calculation. This may not be the exact price that you’re currently paying for electricity. If you know your energy rate please enter your price per kilowatt-hour.

Energy Consumption

Before we talk about the costs of using a Table Fan, it’s important to understand its energy consumption. Table Fans are small and compact, using only 10 watts of power. This low power usage makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking to minimize their energy bills. The simple circuitry of Table Fans means that they can run for hours without using up a lot of energy.

The energy consumption of Table Fans can be illustrated by calculating the daily energy usage. Suppose you run a Table Fan for four hours a day. The energy consumption would then be (10 watts x 4 hours) / 1000 = 0.04 kWh per day. The cost of running the same Table Fan for an entire month at the current energy price of $0.12/kWh would be 0.04 kWh x 30 days x $0.12 = $0.14 per month.

Why is this Important and Relevant Today?

Table Fans are relevant today because they are an excellent way to reduce energy bills while staying cool. With energy prices on the rise, it’s essential to find ways to save money. Table Fans are a perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay cool without breaking the bank. Additionally, Table Fans are portable and versatile, making them ideal for use in any room of the house.

Cost in Dollars of Energy Usage

To calculate the costs of using a Table Fan, you need to know its power consumption and the current energy price. The formula for calculating the daily cost of using a Table Fan is as follows:

Cost per day = (Power consumption in watts x Hours of use) / 1000 x Energy price

Using the default values of 10 watts and $0.12/kWh, the cost of running a Table Fan for four hours a day would be (10 watts x 4 hours) / 1000 x $0.12 = $0.005 per day.

The monthly cost of using a Table Fan for four hours a day would be 0.005 x 30 = $0.15 per month. Finally, the yearly cost of using a Table Fan for four hours a day would be 0.005 x 365 = $1.83 per year.

Money-Saving Tips

Here are some helpful tips for saving money while using a Table Fan:

  • Use your Table Fan in combination with an air conditioner to allow you to set the thermostat higher, saving energy.
  • Place your Table Fan near an open window to help circulate cooler air from outside.
  • Clean your Table Fan regularly to ensure that it runs efficiently.
  • Use a programmable timer to turn your Table Fan on and off at specific times to save energy.
  • Consider purchasing a Table Fan with a DC motor for even greater energy savings.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed by your Table Fan, resulting in lower energy bills.


In conclusion, Table Fans are an excellent way to stay cool while saving money. With their low energy consumption, portability, and versatility, they are perfect for use in any room of the house. By understanding their energy consumption and costs, as well as implementing the money-saving tips mentioned above, you can stay cool and save money at the same time.

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