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Looking for an energy plan?
Looking for an energy plan?
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Contact Details

Email: customercare@entrustenergy.com

Phone: (281) 836-0778

PUCT #10197

Address: 1301 McKinney Street, Houston, TX 77007

Entrust Energy

About Entrust Energy

Entrust Energy is a well known and respected Retail Electric Provider (REP) in Texas. They were founded in 2010 and are headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Their main mission is to provide Texas homeowners and businesses with energy plans that are simple, easy to understand while also providing rate and billing transparency.

In addition to the Texas market, Entrust Energy also serves customers in Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Ohio.

To ensure transparency and low prices, Entrust Energy is a member of the Retail Energy Supply Association, which is an organization that focuses on affordable energy plans for the customers of its member companies.

Electricity Plans That Entrust Energy Offers

Entrust Energy sells the same energy plan in different contract lengths: 12, 18, and 24 months.
Customers can select the plan length based on their usage habits and needs.

Before selecting any plan though, it is important to know your approximate usage. It is the main factor that dictates the price per Kilowatt that you will end up paying.
You are probably used to seeing a set price, but this can be misleading at times. Energy bills are not calculated like vegetables in the grocery store for a “price per lb”.

The advertised price that you see on an electric provider’s website is the price you will pay when using a specific monthly usage. When your monthly consumption is different (which it normally is), you might end up paying a completely different price!

And when each plan has a different price and a different calculation, with different credits and fees, it is extremely difficult to get a real “bottom line” price.

That is why we decided to build a smart calculator at SlashPlan, which takes all the guesswork out of this difficult process. You only need to enter your zip code and give us your approximate monthly usage (or let one of our specialists find it for you) and we will compare all available plans and present you with the actual monthly price you will be charged.

Entrust 12, Entrust 18, Entrust 24

These are the standard Entrust Energy fixed-rate plans. The numbers after each plan refer to the number of months in the contract — 12, 18, and 24 respectively.
These are all hassle-free fixed-rate plans that offer a low price per Kilowatt with no gimmicks or hidden fees.
If a client decides to cancel the plan before the end of the contract, there is a one-time $150 early termination fee, however, it is not charged if the customer moves and provides a forwarding address, or can provide evidence that he/she has moved.

Looking to establish or switch plans for your business? We can help!

Shopping for a business plan is time-consuming and tedious. SlashPlan can provide you with live rates so you can compare plans quickly and accurately.

At no cost or obligation to you, we will find the top plans from 30+ competing suppliers in your area.

If you choose to sign up, the entire process can be completed online with e-signatures, so you don’t have to waste your precious time and resources.

Go to our Business Energy Comparison page to learn more.

Does Entrust Energy Require a Deposit?

After you have chosen the right plan for your home or business, you can start the enrollment process online. In the last step of enrollment, you’ll be asked to enter your personal information including a Social Security Number. Entrust Energy will run a soft credit check and make sure you are eligible to start service. Depending on your credit score you may be assessed a deposit in order to start the service.
This deposit is refundable, and you’ll get it back once your plan ends and there is no balance due.

If you are assessed a deposit, you may still be able to get it waived if you contact Entrust customer support, or if any of the following apply to you:

  1. If you are 65 or older and you are not currently past due on your electricity bill
  2. If you’ve been legally designated as a victim of Family Violence
  3. If your electric account isn’t currently in delinquent status
  4. If you haven’t made a late payment more than once over the course of the last year

Entrust Energy Payment Methods

There are several ways to pay your bill with Entrust Energy, these methods are built to ensure maximum convenience and efficiency.

  • Pay Online – pay online through your MyAccount page. You can pay using your credit card, debit card, checking account, savings account, or your bank’s bill pay feature.
  • Recurring AutoPay – with a recurring payment plan your monthly payments will automatically draft on your due date, so you’ll never have to worry about missing any payments.
  • By Mail – Although not preferred by most customers, you can send a personal check to Entrust Energy’s P.O. Box.
  • Pay By Phone – Entrust Energy lets you pay over the phone with the help of a customer support representative.

Entrust Energy Texas Service Areas

Entrust Energy serves all areas in Texas and is available with these Transmission and Distribution Utility companies (TDUs):

Entrust Energy FAQs

Entrust Energy Reviews

Report An Outage - Entrust Energy 

If you have a power outage with Entrust Energy you will need to contact the utility company directly (also known as TDU - transmission and delivery utility). This is a different company than Entrust Energy. Your utility company is determined by your service address, and there are 5 of these TDUs in Texas:

Please remember, if you have a power outage, you should not contact Entrust Energy about it, but rather your TDU company

Still not convinced?
See some of our other plans

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16.8¢ kWh

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11.9¢ kWh

15.3¢ kWh

15.1¢ kWh

13.9¢ kWh

16.7¢ kWh

12.9¢ kWh

20.6¢ kWh

16.3¢ kWh

Please note: The rates above are updated periodically. Current energy rates may have changed since our last update. To get the latest energy rates in your area please go to our comparison page and enter your zip code. Energy rates shown above are for a residential monthly consumption of 1000 kWh in zip code 77043.

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