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Looking for an energy plan?
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Contact Details

Email: hello.texas@bulb.com

Phone: (833) 439-2852

PUCT #10266

Address: 210 Barton Springs Rd, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78704

Bulb Energy

About Bulb

Bulb is a different kind of energy company. They offer their Texas customers simple, cheap, and green electricity.

All their plans include 100% renewable electricity that costs less and only comes from Texas wind and solar renewable resources.

What makes their plans even more appealing is that there are no annual contracts or hidden fees.

Bulb offers one simple plan, with no tears and no tricks.
This month to month plan has price security and does not carry any wholesale market risk. Their rate is very competitive against other energy companies, and you can rest assured that you’re getting a great deal when going with them.

By using their green plan you will be lowering your carbon impact by over 8 tons of CO2 every year!

Bulb was founded in England back in 2015. Through rapid growth, it currently provides electricity to more than 1.6 million homes and businesses in the UK and other European countries. They are the largest provider of green renewable energy plans in the UK.

Bulb also prides itself on being a certified B Corporation, which means that they are committed to meeting strict standards of social and free mental responsibilities.


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Benefits of going with Bulb as your energy provider

  1. Simplicity. They only offer one plan, so you don’t have to swift through many different offers. This plan already includes the electricity price plus delivery.
  2. Price. Although Bulb offers a plan that has a variable rate, they are dedicated to giving their members the best possible energy rates. When you open a new Bulb account you will get notified about the new rate at the beginning of each month. During peak summer months when the price is higher you can decide to switch, and they will not charge any cancellation fees for that.
  3. Wholesale Pricing. Because Bulb are able to change the rate every month, they base their rates on the current wholesale market prices. This essentially means that when prices go down, you will be charged less, and when prices go up, you will be charged more. with Bulb’s generous cancellation policy you are not stuck with them when the prices go up, and you are able to switch at any time.
  4. True 100% renewable green energy. Any energy that you use from Bulb is backed by renewable energy credits that are sourced from Texas solar and wind power. You can now truly get green energy without the extra cost.
  5. No contracts. With Bulb you can switch at any time and you will not incur any penalties or fees. there is no contract or commitment on your part.
  6. Regular billing. In contrast to most other electricity plans that are month-to-month, Bulb’s offer is billed just like any other fixed plan, you do not need to prepay or keep a running balance. You simply pay for what you used at the end of the month.

What do I need in order to sign up?

Because Bulb promotes a greener future, you must agree to receive your bill by email, which helps to save on paper. In addition, you must agree to keep a credit or debit card on file for automatic payments, or alternatively have them drafted automatically from a bank account.

If you are currently under contract with a different electric provider, Bulb will even pay up to $100 to cover your cancellation fee if you switch over.

And best of all, if you don’t like it and want to switch to a different provider, no problem at all. There is no cancellation fee and you can always choose a different plan from any other provider.

Final thoughts

We all want to know that we are getting a good deal. Instead of committing to a long term plan, Bulb offers a good alternative to the traditional fixed-rate offerings. You do not carry any risk of other subscription-based or month-to-month Energy Services.

You can join bulb when the prices are low, and switch to a different provider if the prices go up.

Bulb are so confident that you will love them that they also pay up to $100 to cover any cancellation fees you may have if you switch from a different provider. They are definitely one of the preferred providers on our list!

Bulb Reviews

Report An Outage - Bulb 

If you have a power outage with Bulb you will need to contact the utility company directly (also known as TDU - transmission and delivery utility). This is a different company than Bulb. Your utility company is determined by your service address, and there are 5 of these TDUs in Texas:

Please remember, if you have a power outage, you should not contact Bulb about it, but rather your TDU company

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Please note: The rates above are updated periodically. Current energy rates may have changed since our last update. To get the latest energy rates in your area please go to our comparison page and enter your zip code. Energy rates shown above are for a residential monthly consumption of 1000 kWh in zip code 77043.

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